Our Solicitors will negotiate the finances upon your marital breakdown, for example this may include reaching an agreement about transferring or selling property, sharing pensions, maintenance payments, or dividing assets. 

The financial settlement will have a lasting impact on your future and our legal experts are highly experienced in this area, ensuring that you are in safe hands. Once we have negotiated a settlement on your behalf, we will embody this within a binding Court Order so as to protect you from any future claims against your assets. 

We aim to resolve matters on an amicable basis wherever possible, however should this not be possible then we shall represent your interests in any Court proceedings in order to secure you the best possible outcome.

If you and your spouse have already reached your own financial agreement, we can draft the terms into a legal document and apply to the Court for a binding Order to be made, this will protect you against any future claims. 

Please contact or call us on 01793 683554 for a free 30 minute initial consultation where we can discuss your individual situation and options.