Our approach and your free initial consultation


At Worthingtons Family Law, we are committed to providing outstanding client care with transparent costs. We offer a modern approach and avoid the use of legal jargon in our communications with you. 

We offer a free 30 minute initial consultation enabling you to discuss your situation and decide if we are the right Solicitors for you before you incur any costs. We are also able to offer some evening appointments for those struggling to meet during the standard working week.

We are dedicated to understanding the results that you wish to achieve and to helping you understand what actions we can take on your behalf. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you are aware of your options and that you feel empowered to make decisions.

Our Legal Experts

Natalee Worthington - Solicitor


Worthingtons Family Law was founded by Natalee Worthington, a Solicitor with neary 10 years of experience in all areas of family law. 

Natalee completed her Law degree in 2006, achieving a First class award, and subsequently completed her training contract at a large Firm in Wiltshire. She specialised in family law at a number of local Firms before setting up Worthingtons Family Law.

Natalee attempts to resolve matters amicably wherever possible, and is a member of the national body 'Resolution' which is a collection of family lawyers who are committed to a non-confrontational approach to family law problems. When matters cannot be resolved via negotiation, Natalee represents clients in Court proceedings in relation to all areas of family law. 

Natalee believes in cost transparency and offers a range of costs solutions to meet individual client needs. 

Let's talk costs...


We understand that costs are important to you. We believe in costs transparency and we do our utmost to ensure that you never have any costs surprises.

We offer a range of different services to suit you including fixed fees as well as a time based service where you receive a monthly invoice with a detailed breakdown of the time spent on your file. 

Our Solicitors will discuss costs with you at the outset of your case and keep you updated throughout. Contact us at info@worthingtonsfamilylaw.co.uk or on 01793 683554 for a free 30 minute initial consultation and to discuss your costs options depending on the nature of the services you require.